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Water Heater Replacement to Keep Your Water Warm

Keep the warm water flowing through your pipes with water heater replacement in Baldwin County, AL. Barnes Plumbing can install a new system in your home or business to ensure you and your family members or employees can enjoy hot water without any interruption. Call us today for a free estimate to have a new water heater installed.


When installing a new water heater, we'll drain and remove your existing one first. After it's been removed, we'll install the new heater according to your preferences. We install electric or gas water heaters from A.O. Smith, which is our preferred brand. We also service and install tankless water heaters. 

In addition to replacing water heaters, we can also install new pipes, boilers, and sump pumps. Contact us for more information.


The cost of the replacement starts at $800 for labor and materials; however, it varies based on the size and type of tank, as well as the complexity and the length of time of the job.